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Choose your preferred operating system (OS) and experience technology tailored to your needs.

  • Choose an OS that suits your needs
  • Find technology that fits you
  • Unleash limitless potential
Linux and Windows

Perfect for any usage. Unmatched performance, reliability, and scalability.

  • Affordable Plans
  • Reliable Servers
  • Seamless Experience
Secure Solutions

Plans include enhanced security features, such as DDoS protection and firewall.

  • Up to 2Tbps.
  • Secure Data Centers
  • Cutting-Edge AI Routing
What do we offer

Unmetered Streaming Servers and VPS

Your Gateway to Seamless Streaming Experience at Zetality, we specialize in providing unrivaled unmetered servers tailored specifically for streaming purposes. Say goodbye to bandwidth limitations and buffering issues that hinder your streaming experience.

Bare Metal

Look no further! Our bare metal solution is designed to deliver lightning-fast speeds ranging from 5Gbps up to 100Gbps

Hourly VPS

Unlock unlimited possibilities with our unmetered VPS solutions. Experience the ultimate flexibility and control.

why choose us

Boost Performance with Zetality

Our network backbone is supported by premier Tier 1 transit providers, ensuring unmatched global connectivity and reliability. Our key partners include Lumen (Level3), Arelion (Telia), NTT, TATA Communications, Orange, GTT, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Vodafone, Hurricane Electric, and Cogent.

Worldwide Locations

Develop locally and Deploy globally

6 Total location

Achieve Perfect Globa Low Latency for Your Streaming Services

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